1997 - Lifewealth established

Paul McKernan and Phil Ellis found Lifewealth with a belief that there is a better way to support the hopes, dreams, needs and goals of their friends, family and colleagues.

2006 - Lifewealth begins working with professional athletes

Commence work supporting some of the most high profile professional athletes, and partnering with some of the most influential sports management groups, within Australia

2007 - James Vandeloo

After serving a brief apprenticeship with Lifewealth, before working with two of Australia's leading financial Institutions, James Vandeloo returns to the group as a Principal

2008 - Founder Phil Ellis retires

After a long and storied career, Phil Ellis retires from Lifewealth to actively partake in the next phase of his life. Phil's legacy of always putting the customer first is the foundation upon which Lifewealth still operates today

2010 - Bianca Dowdell joins Lifewealth

With the arrival of Bianca Dowdell as a Principal, Lifewealth establishes its specialist Insurance and Finance division

2014 - Jason Harwood joins Lifewealth

A new phase in Lifewealth's growth commences with Jason Harwood appointed to succeed Paul McKernan as CEO with a mandate to lead Lifewealth into its third decade and beyond as a great work environment supporting the delivery of peace of mind for the firm's clients

2015 - founding of Lifewealth Geelong office

The Geelong office is founded on the appointment of Terry Barber as a Principal of Lifewealth after a long and successful career at a major Australian financial institution

2016 - a new Lifewealth home

Relocation of Melbourne office to our new home at 99 William Street to ensure our clients, and ever growing team, have access to modern facilities and a more spacious environment

2017 - merger with Charter Towers

Lifewealth merges with Charter Towers - a culturally aligned financial services firm established in 1999. The combined firm successfully brings together a like minded group of clients and two exceptional teams of people under the Lifewealth umbrella

2018 - Mark Henry

Mark Henry joins as a Principal and further expands the Geelong office after a long career at a major Australian financial institution and after the successful establishment of his own firm

2019 - Lifewealth develops fintech solution

Lifewealth, in conjunction with technology specialists Dexterous, launches its financial services software solution - Ontoma - with the stated goals of making compliance management simpler for all financial services firms in Australia, whilst supporting improved communication and access to information for clients in real time and with greater transparency.

2019 - Lifewealth expands accounting and digital solutions

Lifewealth and innovative software development company 13 Concepts successfully merge bringing enhanced business advisory and accounting capability to the newly expanded business as well as establishing Lifewealth Digital to further enhance the offering to both existing and new Lifewealth clients