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Lifewealth exists to achieve peace of mind and happiness for our clients, people and communities by understanding what matters most to them.

Since 1997, we have placed our clients at the centre of all we do.

Understanding what matters to you most is our reason for coming to work and establishing solutions for your personal, business or family situation is how we define success.


Our financial adviser team have, on average, 25 years of financial services experience each and have worked with clients during both positive and challenging market conditions

Privately Owned

Whilst continuing to grow, we remain free of ownership or control by the large banks and insurance companies that have traditionally dominated Australian wealth management.

People Focused

At Lifewealth, we ensure that our team is happy and energised and understand that individual professional development is key to ensuring an outstanding experience for our clients


With clients in all states of Australia and two offices in Victoria, we continue to grow and identify opportunities to expand our presence and client offering.

The Lifewealth Team delivers a comprehensive range of services and their business is strongly personal relationship based.

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