Property has long been a favourite asset class to Australian Investors. As long as current tax laws allowing negative gearing and depreciation benefits remain Australians ‘love affair’ with property is likely to continue.

Our property services are designed to ensure that your property endeavours are integrated with your overall financial and tax planning to provide an optimal outcome.

The following services are provided by carefully selected strategic partners as required:

Buyer Advocacy

Our Property Advisors offer independent advice and work with you to find, inspect, negotiate and secure the right property for your needs. They can help you with:

  • purchase of your first home.
  • upgrading or downsizing of your family home.
  • enhancing your current property portfolio.
  • buying process if you have already selected the property you want to buy.
  • saving time by having a professional search the market for you and utilising their network of industry contacts.
  • professional negotiation skills help you obtain the lowest possible price. If it’s an auction, are you better to purchase before or to wait?  Do you have experience controlling an auction?
  • Purchases for expat and overseas buyers.


Vendor Advocacy

Our Property Advisors aim to ensure you achieve the best outcome and alert you of any current issues that affect your ability to obtain the right price and terms. They can help you with:

  • Market research including your choice of leading real estate agents in your area, an accurate market value assessment and comparable sales data.
  • Negotiation of fees and marketing budget and comprehensive review and assessment of suggested marketing and selling methods.
  • Review meeting/report midway through the campaign.
  • We work with you right up until settlement to ensure the process runs smoothly.


Off the Plan Purchases

In certain circumstances an off the plan purchase may be more appropriate than purchasing an established property. This can particularly be the case where an investor is looking to maximise tax benefits to offset high assessable income or source a particular Lifestyle property.

  • Off-the-plan purchases can offer significant depreciation tax savings.
  • Reduced or no stamp duty.
  • Newly built properties are often more appealing to potential tenants.
  • Our Strategic partners will only recommend properties that are being built by well-established and experienced property developers with a track record for success and client satisfaction.
  • We also ensure developments are located in growth corridors to maximise the potential rental return and potential capital appreciation.


Property Syndication

Property Syndication is an unlisted investment which involves investors coming together to undertake a specific property transaction, or series of transactions.

Participants buy an interest in the Property proportional to their investment.

Investor returns are derived from either net rental income or potential capital gains from development and sale or capital appreciation.

It is not a “liquid investment”, which distinguishes a Property Syndicate from a listed property trust.

Property Syndication is geared towards the more sophisticated investor who takes a medium to long term investment view. We have a number of strategic partners who present syndication opportunities in the office, industrial, retail and residential property markets.

Property Management

The purchase decision is only the first step in a property investment strategy. The effective management of your property in obtaining a quality tenant, the best possible rental return and ensuring the maintenance of your property is kept to an excellent standard all have a significant impact on the long term success of your property investment.

We work closely with you to appoint an appropriate property manager to look after your investment.