About Us

Our business commenced in 1997 when we decided to address the need for a more holistic financial advisory approach to wealth management for busy professionals and private business owners free of ownership or control by the large banks and insurance companies that traditionally dominated Australian wealth management.

We have grown over the past 22 years to a team of more than 25. We continue to recognise the need for a solution focussed on quality strategic advice encompassing both specialised tax and entity structuring advice in combination with wealth management and administration as we believe they are truly intertwined. We also understood that to develop our business we needed to demonstrate our integrity and that we could be trusted to put the interests of our clients first. This sets us apart from other firms that often simply act as product distributors for their mother companies’ products. We believe we have successfully built our business on the strength of these two values in particular.

Of course integrity and trust alone won’t deliver the outcomes our clients seek. We have also developed in our advisors and staff significant experience across the many facets of financial services. We aim to direct that experience and knowledge to the benefit of our clients in plain language, and within cost effective structures in an environment where the financial and investment worlds are complex and ever-changing

Our business model is based on providing holistic and genuinely individualised solutions to our clients’ financial needs. We pride ourselves on the total ongoing service we can offer our clients. A true financial advisory service will help coordinate professional relationships with lawyers, accountants, bankers, mortgage brokers, stock brokers, asset consultants and investment managers, insurance brokers and real estate professionals to bring together a cohesive team working in your interests. We act as the central point for all your advice and wealth management needs.

We do not believe that any single Advisory firm can be specialists in all these areas and as such have put in place working relationships with a number of strategic partners who are specialists in their respective fields. The benefit of our independence means we continually source out the best solutions for our clients and can make a real difference to our client outcomes.