Elite sportspeople generally have a limited career time frame in which to earn their income. It is essential that Athletes get trusted and expert support to make the most of their financial opportunity and assistance in preparing for life post-career – whether it is in the media, going into business or returning to study.

At Lifewealth we tend to the financial affairs of some of Australia’s most high profile athletes and understand their unique needs including:

  • Working pro-actively with your management to achieve the best outcomes
  • Budgeting and managing your cash flow and irregular incomes streams
  • Tax planning, utilising appropriate investment structures and professional income averaging.
  • Establishing Private banking relationships.
  • Building and diversifying your asset base.
  • Safeguarding your assets and managing risk exposure.
  • Maximising passive income and preparing for the next stage of your career or your retirement.
  • Acknowledging the importance of privacy in your financial matters