In today’s changing environment, investment decisions are becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. To make these decisions easier, Lifewealth provides a comprehensive range of investment consulting services to advise clients on their strategic investment decisions. This service comprises:

  • Investment objective setting
  • Investment strategy and asset allocation policy
  • Direct Investment and fund manager selection
  • Market and Manager research
  • Transaction facilitation
  • Risk Management advice


We take a logical, integrated and client focussed approach to Portfolio construction. All risks that are relevant to the investor are considered. Most risks faced by private investors can be grouped as affecting long term real returns, liquidity or peace of mind.

The key risk facing most investors is having insufficient long term, real returns to satisfy their cash flow needs. The one risk that investors should not have to worry about is someone else’s (their Advisor’s) business risk.

The main driver of good portfolio construction is to meet the investors cash flow need with an acceptable level of certainty.Taxes, transaction costs and fee’s can represent over 50% of returns, so must be factored into all decisions.

All asset classes are covered using the resources of our investment committee and strategic partners including:

  • Cash and Term Deposits
  • Fixed Interest/Hybrid securities
  • Australian Equities
  • International Equities
  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Direct Property
  • Commodities
  • Special Opportunity Funds (Hedge Fund Strategies)
  • Derivatives


Each portfolio is tailored to each client to suit their needs as an investor. The type of Investment Structure recommended will vary depending on the size and complexity of the portfolio.

We may recommend the use of Individually Managed Accounts (Bespoke Portfolio of Direct Assets such as direct shares, bonds and term deposits), Separately Managed Accounts (Model Portfolio of Direct Assets), and managed funds or unit trusts in portfolio construction depending on your individual circumstances and preferences.