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Go Deep Into The Numbers

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One of the biggest misconceptions is that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to run your entire business just like a factory assembly line very soon. Well, we think we are quite a way off this. Around 15 – 20 years is our estimation. What we do foresee occurring within the near future are businesses becoming more efficient when it comes to making decisions and allocating staff/resources.

Most times AI is being used in our everyday lives and we may not be aware of it. Here is an example, the next time you go onto YouTube, search for a song you like. The search will bring up hundreds of results for that one song, however once you click and listen to that song the next suggested song will be different from your search. How is this? This is because YouTubes AI knows you have already listened to that song and you probably don’t want to listen to it a hundred more times.

So, at this point you are probably thinking that a billion dollar organisation like Google is using AI, but how can you use AI? In the same way, with AI the team at Lifewealth can sort, filter and predicting outcomes based on your data. By implementing this strategy, we can guide your business into making better decision to generate more income, whilst utilising less expenses.  Its all about working smarter not harder. It works for any industry and pretty much any outcome you are looking to determine.

Real World Example

Lets say you run a car dealership that is running a promo this month on all new VW Golfs. How would you let your existing client base aware?

Most would do one of two things:

  • Email all of your contacts that you have a sale or/
  • Start from A and work your way through to Z with cold calls

The email option is not personal, and you will tend to annoy your client base with continual emails that are not relevant to them. The cold call option is extremely expenses to your business by having your staff making these calls.

Instead imagine getting a list of contacts that are extremely likely to buy from you and want to hear from you!
This is exactly what we can do for you, our technology will sort your data, filter it and determine a list of the most probable outcomes.

Businesses don’t want to be spending all their time chasing down leads that will not converting into a sale. This means that you can allocate your staff and time toward outcomes that will result in $$$.

Organise a meeting with Lifewealth today to get a greater understanding on how it all works.


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