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Alyssa Hatzi – Client Services Officer

This month we are profiling Alyssa Hatzi who has been with Lifewealth since February 2016, or close enough to four years as Alyssa likes to say.

Alyssa is such a well loved and important member of the Lifewealth team and has been instrumental in constantly striving to improve our client experience.

What is your role at Lifewealth?

Jill of all Trades – I really do whatever needs to be done to deliver a great experience for our clients and support the advisers at Lifewealth.

Sometimes this could be coaching our clients on how to use some of the new software tools to understand and manage their financial and personal goals more easily; other times it could be supporting our younger professional sports athletes to gain a solid grounding around what’s important with their finances. I often fill the role of in-house baby sitter across the Lifewealth Group!!

I love helping our clients – establishing a financial plan really matters and I have come to understand and appreciate how important we are for clients and their families, and the importance of what we do as advisers.

How did you come to be at Lifewealth?

I was working at another financial advice firm and a friend of Lifewealth’s CEO suggested that I might be the right fit for the team.

Whilst I loved everything that I heard about Lifewealth when I met the Principals, I had already accepted another role…so I made them work for it. All of the Lifewealth Directors then rang me individually and told me that I would love working here, and that they would love to have me on the team, and so I made the leap and joined the Lifewealth family – I’ve never regretted it and it feels like my work home.

What were you hoping for when you first started?

When I first started I was looking for a place to belong, where I could support great people and learn from them, happy that together we were looking after our clients.

The leaders of Lifewealth from very early on have been encouraging – badgering me might be a better description – to think about my longer term career in the industry and have helped me to grow, through study, training and development.

I am so grateful for this as I know the career path that I am now focused on – it is a wonderful feeling to understand this and have found my direction in such a short time.

What do you enjoy about your role and what does the future hold for you?

I am continuing to study towards my Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and to further develop my knowledge around our investment recommendations.

I love educating our clients on the finance hacks which help them achieve financial independence and get their finances absolutely rocking! I feel like this is also what has happened for me personally in my time at Lifewealth.

The future is very exciting!

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