Benefits of SMSF 2017

This weeks articles give us an insight into investment themes for the coming twelve months, as seen through the eyes of Mauldin Economics. It is an interesting insight when this is viewed in conjunction with the article from The Age showing investment performance from asset classes over the previous decade.

We find it telling that over the full ten year period of time, a period which as we all know saw the greatest economic downturn in our lifetime, asset classes have, in the main, performed to their long term comparative levels. For all that the world changes, risk and return fundamentals remain the greatest predicator of performance.

We have also included a video on the benefits of commencing a SMSF, as well as thoughts on overcoming bad investment behaviours from an article posted by iShares Global Chief Investment Strategist.

Please follow the links below for the full articles.

2013 Investment Themes from Maudlin Economics

Returns of the Decade from The Age

The Eight Benefits of Commencing a SMSF with Grant Abbott, Chairman of ASMA

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